Advertising Flags Buyers Guide

Advertising Flags Buyers Guide

Advertising flags attract attention from all angles! Whether you're advertising for a sports event, farmers market, state fair or setting up a booth at a trade show, custom printed advertising flags are a powerful tool to advertise your business!

We stock a wide range of custom advertising flags at Instant Promotion, but what kind of advertising flag is best to relay your message? Find out which one of our attention-grabbing styles is best to promote your products and services!

Feather Flags, Teardrop Flags & Rectangular Flags - What's the Difference?

The two most popular styles of flag banners are Teardrop and Feather Flags, with our Rectangular Flags following in a close third place. All three flag designs can be used as high-visibility promotional tools for events and trade shows; they can also be attached to one of our heavy duty Custom Tents for even more impact!

What Are Feather Flags?

Our Feather Flags are shaped just as you’d imagine and we print them using a high quality dye sublimation print process to ensure brand colors are matched to perfection! The polyester mesh fabric is designed for long-lasting use.

Feather Flag Size Options: Our Feather Flags are available in 8ft, 11.5ft, and 16ft sizes.

What Are Teardrop Flags?

Our teardrop flags are large teardrop-shaped flags that are best suited to logos placed in the main branding area at the top of the flag, without a lot of text.. The Teardrop shape is eye-catching and stylish… perfect for raising brand awareness.

Teardrop Flag Size Options: Our Teardrop Flags are available in 8ft, 11.5ft, and 16ft sizes.

What Size Advertising Flag Should You Get?

When it comes to flags you might thinking bigger is always better! But that’s not always the case….

Small: Our 8ft flags are perfect for storefronts and in-store advertising, and they work great attached to the top corner of a tent frame. The 8ft flags don't take up much space, and you can easily place them anywhere inside or outside to help delivery important marketing messages at eye level.

Medium: The 11.5ft size is the most popular in our rage! They're just as easy and quick to set up as they are to disassemble, and they’re tall enough to stand out in a crowd of people!

Large: Our huge 16ft flags are really popular at motorsport events and other sporting venues where you need to be seen from a distance! These giant flags are large enough to be seen above trailers and RV’s, or from the opposite side of a parking lot.

All of our advertising flags are 100% customizable and our in-house design team will help layout your flag design… free of charge!

Single-Sided and Double-Sided Print Options

Our single-sided flags are sublimation printed on a single piece of polyester mesh fabric. Your vibrant flag design will be visible from the front and back, but you'll see a mirror image on the backside. Single-sided flags are a great value option and for established brands your logo will still be recognizable from both sides!

Double-sided flags are printed on two layers of mesh material and they’re sewn together with a blackout lining in the middle. Your brand message will be clearly visible on both sides! Although double sided flags are a little more expensive, we think the clear branding from all angles make it a worthwhile investment.

Do you need help creating the perfect flag design? We'll design your flag for FREE!

Do you need multiple flags all with different designs or messages? That’s no problem!

Have you seen our wide range of flag bases?

The base of your advertising flags keeps the flag secure in place when in use. We have several base designs featuring a 360° rotating spindle to keep your flag branding moving in front of every customer! Our three most popular base options are the Metal Spike Base, Water Base, and Metal Cross Base.

If you're planning to use your Feather or Teardrop flags outside or in a high-traffic area on hard ground, we suggest a Water Base or a Metal Base in 12lb, 22lb, or 35lb, depending on your flag's size. We recommend using a Cross Base when using your flag at an indoor trade show!

Buy Affordable Custom Feather Flags Online

Do you need an advertising flag for an upcoming event? We print our custom flags using a full-color dye-sublimationprint process on durable 4oz polyester mesh fabric, and our pricing always includes full color custom printing and FREE design layouts!