Choosing the Right Trade Show Display and Booth

Trade Show displays provide a platform for you to relay essential information about your brand and its products and services.

If a trade show display and booth is well designed, it will engage visitors and effectively promote a company's products and services. You can use them to illustrate product features as well as their functionality.

Furthermore, an excellent trade fair exhibit will describe what sets the brand apart from the competition. When setting up the layout and content of your display, make sure that they are in line with the company's goals.

What are the benefits of trade show exhibits?

Trade show displays with an excellent quality offer several benefits ranging from marketing to public relations, and profit-building benefits. Some of these benefits are explained below:

1. Make The Right First Impression
Is it important to make a positive first impression? Absolutely, it does make a difference. According to experts, recovering from a negative first impression is very difficult. For any company or business that attends trade exhibitions and events, making a good first impression should be a top priority.

As far as attracting leads is concerned, make sure that nothing is left to chance regarding how prospects perceive your brand, especially regarding your trade show booth design. Go to great lengths by using silicone edge graphics and other excellent tools to make your display unique, stun the audience, and wow them.

High-quality trade show exhibits and displays designed for business purposes should instantly impress the target audience. Their designs are often captivating and inviting, thereby attracting leads to your business and eliciting an almost instantaneous favorable response.

2. Boost Your Return On Investment
Trade show displays are a worthwhile investment since they are usually long-lasting, and can be used and reused. They often generate a good return on investment (ROI). Your ROI does not only depend on what goes on during the trade show. It's also influenced by what happens thereafter. As long as you create something impressive and unique, your brand will stick in the minds of your visitors and they will end up patronizing your products in the long run.

3. Broaden The Scope Of Your Brand
Businesses that have interesting trade show booth designs and exhibits end up raising brand recognition. The benefits of the wide recognition can be massive, ranging from improved website traffic to increased sales, as well as new sponsorship, and partnership.

Your market share grows in tandem with these opportunities. Brands looking for more control over a product or service sometimes use their networks to achieve this goal. There is never a better place to come in contact with the industry-leading Influencers, form relationships, and raise brand recognition than these trade shows and events, and conferences.

4. Complement Your Business Goals
Every company sets out business goals frequently to attain the next level of success. A company's growth is guided by a strategy that spans weeks, months, and even years.

Lots of important companies today have been able to enhance their business goals through trade show exhibits. This is because trade show booths can help a business launch a new product, get a wider reach among their target audience and demographic.

With corporate trade show displays, these efforts are duly given a face, offering a real-life, real-time backdrop to help your firm achieve its objectives and develop.

5. Cost-Effective
For most businesses, trade show exhibits are assets used to communicate with public and private customers. They are often customizable, adaptable, and portable. With the aid of visual communications studios, you create the perfect display for your business and brand at an affordable price. Once this display has been designed for you, you're equipped with a vital tool that can serve its purpose over and over without much expense.

6. Distinguish Your Company From The Competition
During trade exhibitions, everyone is keen on one looking unique and different from others. Most trade show attendees have purchasing power and you wouldn't want to miss out on their patronage.

The proven method that can ensure that you interact with your target audience and especially, the key decision-makers is to stand out at a trade show. Regarding increasing awareness at a trade show, the manner you position your business is crucial.

You obviously wouldn't want to share a similar appearance with the display next to you. Attendees are more likely to notice and recall your brand more than your rivals if you have a personalized trade show booth design, which will in turn affect sales. If you want your event to be successful, make sure that you have more control over your appearance and design.

7. Take Your Marketing to the Next Level
Most of the information promoted by trade show displays for brands is similar to those promoted by conventional commercials and marketing techniques. They are available for use and reuse for any form of marketing, including industry events and direct consumer conventions.

Imagine using event tents and flags with your logo and business name displayed on them at festivals, municipal festivities, conventions, fundraisers, and other events where vendors are welcome. The opportunities to generate leads, improve sales, and establish favorable customer relationships everywhere you display are massive.

Choosing the Right Trade Show Display
An essential factor that determines the ideal trade show display for your brand is where it will be used. Exhibit booths and displays have a wide range of applications as described below:

-Product launches
It is important to commemorate the thrill of discovering new, emerging, or redesigned products with graphics and digital displays. It is often at a product launch that most public and private clients get their first taste of a new product. Ensure that these gatherings are as joyous and highly branded as possible by using trade show booths and other event visuals.

The ideal displays that perfectly match industry conferences are corporate trade show exhibits. Design your most engaging, top drawer displays to lure guests to you and distinguish yourself from the multitude of booths and industry competitors in attendance.

-Presentations and pitches
When it comes to both internal and external pitches, there is a need for very professional displays with excellent quality. Some of the essential display tools that can be very useful during any pitching event are info centers, collapsible displays, folding panel displays, and reconfigurable sign systems. They can all be used and reused.

At expos, people get the chance to meet, greet, and associate with business representatives as well as their products or services. This platform provides the perfect opportunity for expressing professionalism, and overall industry authority, and they're crucial for building long-term consumer relationships.

-Community events
Most community events like fairs, holiday festivities, public concerts, and so on attract large crowds of present and potential clients. Ideally, the appropriate materials for these community events are tents, banners, indoor, and outdoor pop-up displays. They will all help you to make a good impression as you introduce your business to the public.

The essence of premieres is to ensure that digital and entertainment products are given a noteworthy start, similar to product launches. Use trademark trade show booth designs and displays, especially those geared to emphasize multimedia electronics, to boost the enthusiasm at a premiere-like gathering.

-Fundraisers and volunteer work for charities
Most of the printed graphics and visual displays employed during private and industry-related events are also needed for fundraisers and charitable events. You need flags, a trade show backdrop, table-toppers, and interactive displays that are appropriate for the occasion.

Types of Top-Quality Trade Show Displays
There are lots of trade show displays that can help your business look unique. At Instant Promotion, you can get some of the industry's top-notch trade show display lines. Here are some amazing displays that can help you during your next professional endeavor.

1. Booth Packages
Instant Promotion offers lots of booth packages tastefully put together to make your trade show experience wonderful.

With InstaLoc, a novice can create standard trade show booths using a modular tool-free system, without the guidance of a professional. Manufactured with high-quality aluminum, each part of InstaLock links with a different tool-free locking system.

At Instant Promotion, we offer InstaLoc Booth Packages that include storage chambers with locks, TV mounts, display counters, LED lighting, and more.

2. Flags and Banners
Stunning advertising flags and banners are common additions to trade show booths. They're available in various types and customizable templates from Instant Promotion. Examples of these flags are:

  • Teardrop Flags
  • Feather Flags
  • Hanging Flags
  • Flag Bases and Brackets

A sturdy framing structure is used in making the flags. Pipe frames are commonly made with aluminum and plastic, although exhibit designers that want to do something extra can use ultra-strong steel trusses or any other suitable material. The flags and their frames are portable and can be easily assembled and disassembled with no special tools.

3. Table Toppers
Decorate your trade show booth with a range of table toppers and booth improvements, including multimedia fixtures, counters, and more.

When looking for inexpensive and easily assembled counters for your booth, you can go for InstaStretch Counters. Instant Promotion offers numerous display counters in the form of transport boxes which you can convert back on getting to your event. This allows you to save a great deal of space when moving trade show exhibits and you won't have to pay for temporary storage at the show.

4. Backdrops
With tension fabric displays, you have an excellent backdrop that is suitable for a wide range of indoor exhibitions and trade fairs. They are designed with limitless full-color printing on 8.8oz tension fabric!

Designed with a high-quality aluminum frame, they have a long-lasting lifespan and are easy to set up. During set-up, you can get the perfect fit by just connecting the numbered poles, then placing the fabric material across the frame, and sealing the zipper at the material's base.

With the help of InstaLoc, a compact and durable modular trade show display technology, you can design professional backdrops even if you have no prior experience!

5. Accent Lighting And Backlit Graphics
Backlit trade show displays give your trade show exhibit a much elevated and next-level appearance, which helps your booth become one of the brightest in the competition. Using backlit graphics to showcase brand logos and specific products and offers has become popular among most firms.

LED trade show displays also add something extra to your booth. Display lights, colored bulbs, and spotlights can all be added to compact exhibitions for highlighting. You can also use high-tech LED backlit like the SEGO Light Boxes display system that has the world's easiest and most polished tool-free connecting technology.

6. Digital Displays
Using digital booth items, you can massively improve the operation and appearance of your business trade show exhibit. Television screens can make your trade show booth 10x10 exciting.

They can be used to broadcast promotional films, while you use tablets to clearly explain the products and services of your business, and also display instructional videos and content. You can also use them to make your booth visitors complete a special industry-related course or quiz.

With InstaStretch TV & Tablet Display line, it's easy to showcase a wide range of marketing concepts during trade fairs and in retail. Use these touch screen devices to interact with clients and acquire crucial marketing data that is useful to your business.

7. Floor Graphics
The addition of floor graphics to your trade-fair display completes the look. Design them to display your brand's name, logo, slogan, and corporate values. They could also contain a unique booth greeting and welcome message. Always use short-term replaceable stickers when designing your floor graphics display.

8. Step-And-Repeat Banners
Step-and-repeat banners offer a unique marketing strategy that works well in a trade fair setting. Attendees that step into your booth will appreciate taking pictures and selfies with your custom background.

You might as well encourage people to take photos and share them by giving away products or services. Alternatively, you may develop a specific hashtag for trade show participants and then publish things with that hashtag on your social media accounts, retaining exclusivity while also promoting your business.