Which Custom Table Cover is right for you?

Which Custom Table Cover is right for you?

Branded table covers are are great value advertising option that can turn a boring folding table into a marketing machine! Our table covers include full color sublimation printing so you can add branding on up to five sides for no additional charge. A popular option is to add your company logo on the front and back of the table cover, and a QR Code (they’re making somewhat of a comeback recently!) on each end.

Fitted, Loose Fitting and Stretch Table Covers - what’s the difference?

Fitted Table Covers are sewn into a rectangular shape, so they have four clear sides and a top. They are designed to be placed over regular folding tables and once in place they will retain their rectangular shape/style.

Loose Fitting Table Covers (also known as ‘Throw’ style) are not sewn into a particular shape - they are designed to be placed over your folding table with a relaxed fit. You will see some natural pleating in the corners of the table cover.

Stretch Table Covers are made from a spandex style tension fabric and these table covers will hug your table tightly - each corner connects into the bottom of the table leg, allowing the fabric to retain its tension for a stylish, wrinkle free look.

Which Table Cover is best for outdoor events?

Our Stretch Table Cover is definitely the best performer when it comes to windy weather - the table cover is held in place securely by the table legs meaning the material won’t blow around on a windy day. Stretch Table Covers are more expensive than the regular Fitted or Loose Fitting styles, but if you primarily attend outdoor events they are a great option to consider.

Do these Table Covers fit regular folding tables?

Yes! Thankfully almost all 4ft, 6ft and 8ft folding tables that you’ll find at Costco, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target or Amazon are all very similar in size. Our Custom Table Covers are designed to fit all major brands of folding tables!

If you already have a trade show table cover but you want to add your company logo to it, consider our custom printed Table Runners! We have 2ft, 3ft and 4ft sizes and these are designed to fit 4ft, 6ft and 8ft table covers - the idea being the Table Runner covers 50% of the table cover width.

How does the design and print process work?

We have an in-house design team that will work with your to create the perfect layout for your custom table cover - and there’s no charge! We’ll send you a 3D rendering and a PDF print proof that you will need to approve before your order moves to production.

Start the design process today by taking advantage of our free visual service - visit any table cover page, click the ‘Free Visual’ tab and complete our short inquiry form!