680W Electric Pump


The 240v mains powered 680w electric pump works perfectly with our sealed air Instant Inflatables. The tube can be disconnected and reattached on either inlet of the pump to inflate or aid deflation. Many of our larger inflatables are designed with two inflation valves so whether it be as a backup, a replacement for an existing pump or to work alongside the one you are already using, this 680W option provides great value for money.

The high-pressure air pump runs off a standard 240V plug. The pump weighs just over 3lbs and can be used for both inflation and deflation and offers airflow of up to 1000 liters per minute. This exact pump is provided as standard with all sealed air inflatable Spider Tents, Arches and Inflatables Tents.

 680w Electric Pump
Input 100-240V
Output 680W
Air Flow 1000 litres per minute
Motor power 0.7HP
Voltage 220V
Phase Single
R.P.M 2050
Speed control Single
Inflation/ Deflation Both
Pump size 7.5x5.5x6.5in
Weight 3.3lbs
Hose length 3ft
Cable length 5ft

Please download and save our instructional guide to help aid in the proper use of the pump.

680W Electric Pump Manual

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