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Use this heavy duty ground spike to anchor your advertising flag securely in place! Made from chrome-finished steel to hold your Feather or Teardrop Advertising Flags in place through the strongest of winds. 360 degree rotation.
A high quality plastic water filled flag base to fit our Teardrop and Feather flags designs (all sizes). Featuring a convenient carry handle the flag bases have a removable metal ball bearing spindle and once filled weigh 25lbs. The low profile design creates a fantastic and easy to transport water filled base!
Stylish, high quality bracket for mounting 8ft, 11.5ft or 16ft Flags to your Pro Expo Tent Frame. This sturdy professional design will keep your flags flying high above your tent for many years. 360 degree rotation.
Use the weight of your vehicle to secure your advertising flags in place. The base is made from galvanized steel - simply kick the base under the wheel of your car and it won't move! Perfect for car lot promotions.
A high quality, ultra sturdy metal plate base with convenient carry handle. Available in 12lb, 22lb and 35lb sizes. Fits any 8ft, 11.5ft or 16ft Teardrop or Feather Flag in our range.
This coated steel cross base is good for use of your advertising flags on hard, flat surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The included bearing allows your flag to spin 360 degrees with the wind. Each of the feet have holes drilled at the end for additional staking if used on soft ground, making the Cross Base a versatile option for customers who attend events on both hard and soft surfaces.