Canopy Connector Clamp

A simple, effective way to connect frames together to add stability and assist guttering. Each clamp is inside lined with a foam layer to add grip and prevent damage to the frame when tightened. Connector clamps available for Pro Expo & Trader Series upper legs.
  • Connect two tents together
  • Add stability by linking tent frames
  • Durable steel brackets
  • Available for Pro Expo & Trader Series Frames
  • Designed to connect to the upper leg section
The Canopy Connector Clamp is an essential tool when attaching multiple canopies together. Each option should ideally be used on the upper leg of a Pro Expo or Trader Series frame. By connecting separate units together you create one structure which shares weight evenly and significantly improves stability. Multiple connector clamps can be attached at the same time and the even spacing and reduced movement created between frames allows gutter kits to be effectively added. The clamps are just as valuable on hard and soft ground and it would be advised to use them in addition to weights plates and other tethering equipment.
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