Making A Splash: The Kingsbrooke Swim Team's Custom Tent

In the realm of competitive swimming, attention to detail reigns supreme – from rigorous training regimes to team identity. We recently had the honor of collaborating with the Kingsbrooke Swim Team, delivering a custom shelter solution that not only provides instant weather protection but also impeccably showcases their professional swim team branding. The outcome? A remarkable 10x20 custom tent that stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and design.

Tailored to Perfection: Pantone Printing

Kingsbrooke Swim Team's unique requisites led us to craft a 10x20 custom tent that effortlessly meets their dual demand for a sheltered haven during pivotal swim meets and a striking embodiment of their team's identity. Opting for our popular 10x20 heavy-duty Pro Expo tent frame, they selected our Classic Print Package which offers unlimited printing on all four peaks and valances.

Our sublimation print process allowed us to match Kingsbrooke Swim Team's Pantone colors precisely, and during this process the tent canopy fibers are dyed to the exact Pantone colors. The elegant gradient canopy design, set against the metallic black Pro Expo tent frame, looks fantastic.

The Power of Pro Expo: Strength and Reliability Redefined

The Pro Expo tent frame – a heavyweight champion among tent frames. Engineered meticulously by our in-house design team, the Pro Expo frame boasts a range of features that distinguish it from the competition. Characterized by robust 2" hex legs, generously proportioned cross bracing support bars, a spring-loaded peak pole, and resilient metal footplates, this design evolution, refined over a decade, has earned the Pro Expo frame its reputation for unmatched strength and endurance.

Available in five stunning metallic anodized colors, the Pro Expo frame isn't solely about sheer robustness – it is fortified by a five-year warranty, reaffirming our dedication to prolonged product integrity and customer satisfaction. With the Pro Expo at the heart of their new custom tent, the Kingsbrooke Swim Team will experience years of trouble free protection from the elements.

A Swift Transition from Concept to Reality

In the swift-paced arena of swim meets, time is a coveted asset. We aim to offer a similarly efficient process - from design to production to delivery, this amazing 10x20 custom canopy tent was delivered in under two weeks. We focus on speed and efficiency, without ever compromising on quality.

The huge 10x20 custom tent, bolstered by our Pro Expo frame, not only reflects our pursuit of excellence but also mirrors the Kingsbrooke Swim Team's dedication to their craft. As we continue to redefine industry benchmarks with pioneering solutions in custom tent manufacturing, we look forward to working with Kingsbrooke Swim Team on more event branding projects in the near future.