Pro Expo Series Frame


Pro Expo Frame - they don't come any stronger! With 2" hex legs, large cross bracing truss bars and aluminum brackets throughout the Pro Expo sets the standard for heavy duty tent frames. The Pro Expo is backed by a market leading 5 year warranty and is available in five stunning anodized colors - once your order has been submitted we will contact you regarding color choice.

The Pro Expo series sets the standard for heavy duty, professional tent frames. Gone are the days of buying a new tent every few months - the Pro Expo is built from the finest aluminum components and the stands on ultra strong 2" hex shaped legs. With five height positions up to a head clearance of over 7ft the Pro Expo is designed to withstand years of regular use in a full range of environments.

We are also the first company to offer a range of anodized coatings, and the metallic blue and black frames have taken the market by storm! We will also be stocking metallic red and metallic green frames within the next 1-2 months. Please call our sales team for more information.


• Large 2" Hex legs and oversize truss bars

• Huge aluminum foot plates with three stake holes

• Anodized Aluminum for Increased Lifespan



More Information
Key Features
  • Amazing strength to weight ratio
  • 2" hex shaped legs
  • Huge cross bracing truss bars
  • All Aluminum brackets
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Available in metallic silver, black, blue, red, and green


  • Aluminum frame with aluminum brackets
  • 2" hex shaped coated aluminum legs
  • Super strength truss bars
  • Oversize metal feet
  • Smooth and safe pull pin sliders
  • Market leading 3 year warranty
  • Every spare part stocked
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