UC Davis 20ft Inflatable Mascot!

Check out this awesome, custom inflatable mascot that we created for UC Davis! They purchased this inflatable for a Baseball Golf tournament they were hosting. The inflatable served as a focal point for the school’s event. The custom inflatable figure was 20 feet tall and is manufactured from 300D Polyester material. These are also created using our sublimation printing process, which provides vibrant and long lasting colors. We can fully customize these renderings to your needs!

The lead time for a product similar to this one is approximately 1 week for design, and 2 weeks for production so do keep that in mind when inquiring for your very own custom inflatable figure or mascot. We would like to thank UC Davis for forwarding this image to us and for the kind words that they shared with us. Kelly had this to say regarding the product! “We got it and they love it!! Thank you for all your help! It’s been a huge hit!” We love hearing statements like this from all of our customers! If you are interested in creating your own custom inflatable figure, we have a team that specializes in inflatables that is eager to meet with you! Contact us at 919-977-8862 or via our website today!