RV Wholesalers & Custom Table Covers

Check out these awesome Custom Table Covers purchased by RV Wholesalers! These two super clean designs exemplify the quality table covers we produce at Instant Promotion. We have a total of three different tablecloth styles: our Fitted, Loose, and Stretch Table Covers. The two you see here are our Loose and Stretch designs.

The Fitted Table Cover is a form-fitting design that has a more rectangular shape. Our Loose Table Cover is more of a traditional throw-style table cover and displays more flow. Lastly, our Stretch Table Cover is designed to take the shape of the table by using four corn pockets that fit onto each corner leg of the table! We offer these different styles in 4, 6, 8, and 10ft Sizes! Contact us today to get a free Visual & Quote on your very own Custom Table Cloth!