O’ Casey Motorsports & 10x15 Classic Digital Package

Are you looking for a professional pop-up tent to show off your car at a car show? Look no further than our Classic Digital Package! We offer the Classic Digital Package in multiple sizes, and it is an ideal option for car show professionals and any event they may attend. This package from O' Casey Motorsports includes a 10x15 custom pop-up canopy tent with a digital print that displays their logo and other graphics in vivid detail. This eye-catching tent will make a great statement at any car show, and the easy setup means you can have your show up and running in no time. Also, the 10x15 size is perfect for any car show because you can comfortably fit two vehicles under it at the same time!

So, if you and your team are in need of a custom pop-up canopy for 2023’s events, shows, or races, please contact us at 919-977-8862!