My Med History & 10x15 Classic Pro Package!

Here is a custom pop-up tent display from My Med History! They wanted us to create a beautiful 10x15 Classic Pro package they could use at their expo events. The Classic Pro Package is available in a wide variety of sizes and comes standard with a Custom Canopy, Full Height Custom Printed Back Wall, and a 6ft Fitted Table Cover. My Med History wanted to add another 10ft Printed Wall to their display, which exhibits just how customizable our packages can be! We can add or customize all of our packages to meet your needs for any event! Another unique detail regarding this canopy is the large amount of text that is displayed on the print material.

Our precise sublimation printing process allows for crisp printing of all texts and fonts. This display also fits perfectly into the allotted space of the expo site. We have 10 different size options that allow us to match the pop-up display to your desired size! If you have any questions or concerns about designing a custom pop-up display similar to My Med History’s, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our team is eager to help you design the promotional product to fit your needs!