American Heart Association Arch

The American Heart Association in Oregon sent us a great photo of their new 30ft Inflatable Arch! This Start / Finish arch was manufactured from 600D nylon material with full color dye sublimation printing to ensure brand colors were matched perfectly.

"We were so pleased with how it came out and how you all brought our vision to life." Events and Development Coordinator, American Heart Association

Inflatable Arches by Instant Promotion

The American Heart Association chose our 30ft Inflatable Arch but we offer a huge range of sizes and options to suit all events and budgets! Standard sizes range from 15ft to 50ft wide, but we can also custom design virtually any size you need - a few years ago we produced a 70ft wide arch for LG Electronics that was used at the grand opening of a huge new US manufacturing facility!

All of our Inflatable Arches comes with unlimited full color printing on the front and back of the arch, and it's common for Arches to be used to mark the Start & Finish line for sports events so customers often choose to print Start on one side and Finish on the other. This way the walk / run event can be started in one direction, and then walkers / runners return back through the Arch from the opposite direction to cross the finish line.

Inflatable Arches aren't just used for sports events though; check out our gallery here and you'll see our Arches used at College Football Games, Beer Festivals, Military Events & more! There are two specifications to consider when you choose which Inflatable Arch to buy - we have Constant Air designs and Sealed Air designs. Constant Air Arches have either a built-in blower or an external blower, and both of these need to be connected to a power outlet so the Arch stays inflated. If you don't have access to a power source on site then a generator can be used to power the blower. Our Sealed Air Inflatable Arches are different; they are inflated using an electric pump, and once fully inflated the valve can be closed and the air will remain trapped inside keeping the Arch fully inflated for up to 24hrs!

There are pro's and con's to both and they are both explained in more detail on our Arches page. The decision between the two options usually comes down to cost, weight and ease of use.

Another important decision to make is which material to choose - our most popular Inflatable Arch material is the 600D Nylon which is available with vibrant full color sublimation printing. This is a super high quality material, and an equally high quality print. Inks are dyed into the nylon fabric creating permanent vibrant colors that will impress everyone who passes through the Arch!

Our next most popular material is the 0.45mm Vinyl - it has a glossier appearance and is the easiest material to wipe clean, making it ideal for mud runs and motorsports events where the Arch is likely to get dirty & dusty! The vinyl material comes with a digital print rather than dye sublimation, so the quality and depth of color is not quite as high as the sublimation print option.

Inflatable Arches should always be secured using tethering ropes (included with all packages!) and they can be tied to ground stakes (also included!) or any solid object that will prevent the Arch from blowing over in windy weather (water barrels, fences, staging and vehicles work great).

Buy your next Inflatable Start Finish Arch from Instant Promotion and take advantage of our FREE 3D visual service! Our in-house design team will take your logos and brand colors and create amazing 2D and 3D visuals that bring your ideas to life! Visit our Inflatable Arch page here and click the Free Visual tab to apply for your free Arch design