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5 Reasons Why a Custom Printed Tent Would Be Perfect for your Next Event

Jul 19, 2016 10:44:35 AM

5 Reasons Why a Custom Printed Tent Would Be Perfect for your Next Event

A tent or canopy provides much needed shade in the summer and protection from rain and sleet in the colder months – but have you thought about all of the branding possibilities of a custom printed tent?

More and more businesses are discovering that our printed pop up tents are perfect for their parties, events, festivals and promotions, and we want you to find out what all the fuss is about. No matter what kind of event you are planning on attending, here are five reasons why a custom tent would make it even more memorable.

A pop up tent will promote your brand
As a savvy business person, you already know that consistent branding is important to your overall success. Ensuring that your logo, colour scheme and any slogans are professional and eye catching is key, and you should do anything possible to spread your branding story. A custom tent is the perfect way to add another layer of branding to events. We offer unlimited full color sublimation printing, so your logo will look its very best.

They are high quality and durable
The professional team at Instant Promotions USA takes pride in our products, and we are proud to present our clients with high quality materials and construction at affordable prices. We use only the finest 600D Nylon material to create your customised tent, and our skilled team are experts at creating a long lasting product that will exceed your expectations.

You’ll stand out in a crowd
When you take a stroll through a festival or event, all of the vendor’s tents and tables can start to blend together – you can easily get lost in the crowd. Your brand and products are unique, so why let your stall look the same as the rest? A high quality custom instant canopy will ensure that your logo, slogan and branding are visible from a distance and are all about ‘you’ and your USP.

Custom printed tents provide you with great photo opportunities
Whether you are attending a sporting event, festival, party or celebration of any type, you should invest in a professional photographer to chronicle your business’s presence. These images can be then used for your social media platforms, client newsletters, website content and printed materials. Your customised tent will prominently feature your branding, and therefore colours and logo will be visible in all photos.

A custom tent is a conversation starter
Your logo, branding and slogan will all be on display, prompting many opportunities for conversation with passers by and potential clients. By displaying your unique attributes, you can glean the attention of everyone at the event and get them talking about your brand.

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