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Inflatable Soccer Goal

Jul 27, 2016 2:14:35 PM

The solution was a 23ft x 10ft inflatable structure made of heavy duty 0.9mm Vinyl that could be inflated and deflated in minutes. We also added zipper pockets in the base for metal weight plates, as well as adding D rings on all sides for staking to the ground. To ensure the balls were being kicked safely we added netting on the left and right sides and also added a black lining behind the target holes to catch successful shots!

After that we added a safety pressure release valve so whether it be due to increased air temperatures as the day progressed or from the punishment it was receiving from kicked balls, the sewn seams would not come under any added pressure. 

Our client was extremely happy with the outcome and the goal was an amazing success at their first event!

Inflatable Soccer Target Goal

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