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AMS 10ft x 10ft Custom Tent

Oct 11, 2017 9:53:47 AM

FAST and Fabulous, these guys from AutoMotoSport in Chicago are not Furious at all and why would they be?  They have by far the fastest cars and the coolest Trader Digital Package Custom Tents from Instant Promotion. Read more...

The graphics on the walls of these 3 Tents are truly amazing, the super lightweight Trader Frames make them easy to move around and the 11.5 ft double sided flags attract attention from everyone at this drag race held recently in Chicago.

Jordan Carlson had this to say about his experience purchasing 3 Trader Digital Frames from Instant Promotion.

 "We really enjoy working with you guys, and we really like the quality of your products. Our tent was a big hit at our last event"

AMS 10ft x 10ft Custom Tent

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Paul Davis

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